CetanCo: Application Development Company

CetanCo is a US-based development company, and since its foundation, we have delivered hundreds of mobile and web applications. For years we have been covering a complete development lifecycle from idea validation and prototyping to software product design, development, and maintaining.

Key reasons why you should choose in our favor:

User-Oriented Approach. Whether we make application for your customers or your employees and you yourself, we make it matching its users’ needs. Our ultimate goal, as your business partners, is to make a difference. Our team strives to add value to your business by providing a useful tool to attract and retain your customers or optimize your processes. In both cases, we focus on the program users and make it as intuitive, effective, and usable as possible.
Smooth Communication. When you approach us with your project idea we provide you with a team of developers, designers headed by a project manager and software architect. You discuss you project with your dedicated project manager and since that time this person becomes a translator of your requirements and the one who constantly interact with your delivering results and asking for feedback. Only such regular continuous interaction ensure that the end product fits all your business needs.
CetanCo’s team includes specialists in all major IT areas. Everything from web technologies with both server and client side scripting to mobile technologies for developing an app for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms - our expertise covers all of these branches of software development. Each of us has a vast experience of work with numerous industries and such insight helps us to ensure increased productivity and improved customer experience.

What is more, our company offers reasonable rates preserving high quality. That makes your investment in software development a cost-effective purchase.