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(a vehicle dealership management system)

A customer company specialized in selling and servicing cars of different well-known brands had faced the problem that their commerce-related system was outdated and not as efficient as it could be. They came to us to revamp their system reducing its overall costs, optimizing businesses processes and ensuring that it will enable proper performance of regional branches. Our team carried out thorough business analysis to achieve set goals, and in the end, we delivered a functioning system which automates the key process of the customer company. The system was build with open source solutions, so our customer company doesn’t need to pay any license payment any longer, and we managed to reduce the total cost of ownership, too.

(an order management app for managers)

One of steel and mining companies and one of the leading vendors approached us to update their iPad application which managed their clients’ orders. The customer company was looking for a corporate database integration and improved performance. Our QA experts analyzed the app and identified that it had frequent crashes because its code contained inefficiencies. App optimization and stabilization could significantly reduce our customer maintenance expenses.Our work resulted in a sleek app which allows its users smoothly perform their operations so that clients can place orders and monitor order progress, managers seamlessly process clients’ orders, while technical support receives and responds to quality claims.

(a system for monitoring and managing cross-border transaction)

Our customer engaged in cross-border commerce approached us with a strong desire to make it easier, cheaper and safer. The project was dedicated to the creation of parcel forwarding system for delivering goods from the US to other countries. The system we developed allows to perform an end-to-end transaction, calculate fees and taxes, receive payments via integrated PayPal, monitor parcels location via implemented FedEx tracking system and send automated PDF invoices. We also incorporated a messaging system to ensure seamless communication between buyers and customers.

(a desktop app for long-term data storage)

A low-cost storage service approached us to develop a client program for Windows to make their cloud service more user-friendly. We designed a simple and functional interface and implemented functionality which allows uploading data into durable and secure storage for data archiving and backup. Users can also add new files, remove unwanted ones and perform other functions which help him to customize their experience.

Awning blueprint
(a calculating web app for measuring awning parameters)

One of our projects implied the creation of an effective online service to meet users’ expectation and hence improve customer experience. So we optimized site functionality by implementing the intuitive graphical user interface and also added a new feature which allows users to identify necessary parameters of awning such as size, colors, shape, fabric, type of installation and others. So customers can see how exactly their awning will look like before making an order.

(a mobile app for automation of inventory procedure)

The enterprise we were working with rent out retail equipment and needed an efficient tool to automate their inventory process. We developed a mobile application with integrated company ERP system and barcode recognition feature. The app simplifies, streamlines, and automates the record-keeping process. The data received from barcode scanning is compared with the information in their ERP system and report the results of this process to the person in charge for further processing.