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Getting past the competition and turning the heads of mobile and web app users is no easy task, but our team of veteran app developers have the knowledge and the experience to deliver world-class applications that both businesses and their customers appreciate. Well-designed mobile applications reach customers, both present and future, and employees, boosting productivity and profit, to grow businesses in ways that impossible anywhere else.

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We have a US-based in-house development team that works like a well-oiled machine delivering a high-quality project and getting 94% client retention rate. In the digital age, information technologies play a crucial role in business success. The quality of the custom software and access to the real-time data let companies power past competitors. Our development company provides not only first-class software development but also quality assurance services with the top QA experts, what enable us to solve product quality issue and timely go to the market.

What is Custom Software Development?

We specialize in custom software development creating tailor-made mobile applications and software solutions considering specific needs of customers. We make programs that precisely meet client’s requirements and help to achieve desired business objectives. Custom software is a program or a set of programs created for a specific entity to meets their business needs. And unlike off-the-shelf software, it doesn’t consist of packaged applications available to a large audience for a monthly/annual fee but belongs to those who outsourced the developers to create it for them and includes only that functionality which was required. Custom software is designed to cater specific customer’s needs and can be customized at every level of it from the feature set, to design, and to navigation.

Upsides of Custom Software

The main benefit of the custom software is that it has all the required features that off-the-shelf one doesn’t and nothing rudimentary. It encourages to increase the level of productivity due to meeting organization’s needs perfectly well. At one stage when your company should start growing the quality instead of quantity, renovation of organization’s software is the key to success. The cost of the custom software development offset by the promise of increased efficiency as a tailor-made program designed to increase the productivity and meet internal needs. Customizing a program is also a smart decision in case if your company has unique needs and requirements.

Problems and Solutions

The cost of the services and time of the development process can become a serious reason to consider the purchasing of an off-the-shelf solution. Off-the-shelf products a considered for a large audience, and their cost is shared with multiple users, while a custom solution is developed specifically for your company. Companies also run a risk get a solution that doesn’t meet their requirements and waste a lot of money and time resources.

  • But this risk can be brought down to a minimum if you approach a trusted and reputable software development company which will provide you with a cost-effective and high-quality solution which cater your company’s needs.
  • One more way to minimize the risk is to form a clear idea of the desired solution or at least to determine company’s needs precisely. If you don’t know what you want, hardly anybody else will do. Of course, professional developers can help you to identify core functionality of the program, but then you should let them study your business what will require extra time. That is why it is better to acquire an in-depth understanding and the way the end product should address those needs.
  • Another way out in the situation when you have a possibility to identify new needs during the development of your project is to find developers who work utilizing agile development methods. Agile methodology enables iterative, flexible approach which allows developers to implement new functionality throughout the app creation process to meet evolving needs.

What we Do

We create custom software solutions of any complexity and purposes from user-facing mobile applications that help to enhance customer relationships to enterprise-level automation and analyzing programs that optimize everyday workflow and streamline time-consuming internal and external processes. We do more than write code and create intuitive user interface designs. The fully-fledged development team works in different directions:

Business-driven Solutions

We work alongside our customers studying their business inside out till we get a comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs whether it is:

  • Improvement of internal/external communication and interaction within the company and outside it to advancement of the collaboration between employees, customers, partners, and vendors;
  • Renovation of the decision-making practices with the help of smarter data analysis, comprehensive, automated, and easy-to-use reports, and intuitive dashboards;
  • Access to the new revenue opportunities via data and content monetization, innovations implementation, and better customer experience;
  • Refined processes and equipment management with higher efficiency and cost savings;
  • Remote tool for sales representatives, field services and for an ability to work efficiently during a business trip or outside meetings.
Custom Database

We provide businesses not only with a secure and well-ordered data storage systems but with a complex mechanism which enable people to analyse and manage data in a convenient and more productive way. We help companies to make their mission-critical information always updated and accessible throughout the organization, and hence to improve data-driven decision-making. We have many years of work with enterprise-level database development projects and know how to deliver stable and secure database with an advanced search feature, sampling functionality, automated reporting and many other things that let you see your data differently. We usually utilize such server-based database systems as MySQL and MS SQL. They locate the database on a dedicated server enabling the system to work faster and prevent data corruption.

Desktop Applications

Our development team can provide you with a standalone, client-server application for Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems. We have developed custom software for every major version of this platforms providing our customers with required functionality and seamless integration into their workflow. Our team utilizes the latest versions of available tools such as .NET, Cocoa and other frameworks, plugins, and APIs. Half of our projects implies the integration of SQL Server enriching our expertise in it with every new development case. If you have a desktop app idea, you can bravely entrust it to us. We are used to dealing with technical challenges and find creative solutions.

Web-based Application

One of our strong sides is a custom web system development. Whether you need an application for internal usage only (intranet), or a secure application for your business partners so that you could share mission-critical data (extranet), or just an online application with no access restrictions, our team will be happy to lend you the hand sharing our expertise and experience in IT industry. Web applications deliver a more interactive and sophisticated user experience than websites. Pretty often businesses prefer to create a customer-facing web app instead of a website to do business on the Web in a more efficient way.

Our programmers have extensive expertise in web programming including both client-side and server-side scripting: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, AJAX, PHP, Ruby, Python, and others. Client-side technologies, also known as frontend programming, let us take care of user interface with an enhanced user experience, while our proficiency in server-side technologies, backend programming, allow us to deliver bespoke functionality implementing required features. Unlike desktop apps, it is immediately accessible via a browser and requires only the Internet connection, and they are much easier to update via a server it runs.

Our IT Competence

Over the last seven years, we have been proving our expertise with hundreds of successfully delivered projects and established business relationships. The expertise and professionalism allowed us to offer a price/performance advantage to the customers providing a full spectrum of services at a reasonable price for the first-class quality. IT insight and experience of work with multiple industries grasp customers’ needs in a single flash and hence find the most suitable solution.

Mobile App Development

We help customers to deploy their business systems in mobile programs with the mobile technologies getting more and more powerful each year. Our mobile department assists businesses in taking advantage of technology. Our team develops custom business apps for all major platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows). Whether you are looking for a native, web-based, or cross-platform mobile solution, our programmers can provide you with a top-notch mobile application that exceeds your expectations.

  • If your aim is to reach 80% of mobile market share with a sleek app on an open-source operating system used by such brands as Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and many other, our Android developers will make sure that your program not only obtains rich functionality but also has a user interface design adjusted to the variety of the devices running this operating system.
  • We also have a team of expert iOS developers who will utilize their skills and competence to help you reach Apple devices users and convert them into your loyal clients.
  • Our company also can provide you with a dedicated team of C++ and C# programmers to create a universal mobile application for Windows device family.

Just let us know about your app idea, and we will make it real.

Let’s Discuss Your Software Project!

We welcome innovative ideas and creative thinking and always happy to bring them to life, that is why don’t hesitate to entrust your software project to a dedicated team of developers and let us help you to boost your business with the first-class custom software solution tailored to your needs.