An Application Development Company for Today’s Markets

Getting past the competition and turning the heads of mobile and web app users is no easy task, but our team of veteran app developers have the knowledge and the experience to deliver world-class applications that both businesses and their customers appreciate. Well-designed mobile applications reach customers, both present and future, and employees, boosting productivity and profit, to grow businesses in ways that impossible anywhere else.

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What Makes Us the Top Mobile Development Company

We build small-business and enterprise-level solutions that help our clients to overcome business challenges bringing their companies to the next level. For over seven years we have been proving our expertise building a stellar reputation of professional and business-driven developers with hundreds of outstanding programs deployed in people’s everyday life and work. Our strive for information technologies and passion to mobile devices makes us enthusiastic about our work. And we share the excitement connected with our customers putting the heart into every development project. This approach to what we do and respectful attitude to the clients’ ideas make us a perfect business partners for collaboration at mobile software development.


Our programmers and software engineers won’t give you a second to doubt our expertise. No, we won’t shoot technical terms and notions at you. But we will answer any of your questions concerning your mobile project and ensure smooth and transparent development process. Our in-house team is divided into different departments with separate specifications, but we keep to collaborative work and mutual help whether it is an expert advice of a senior programmer or a creative thinking of a designer.

  • iOS
  • android
  • win
  • html5


iOS developers can boast a high level of expertise in the latest Xcode IDE (integrated development environment) benefiting from this app creation environment program and implementing the newest available features. We can code with both iOS programming languages, Swift and Objective-C, what widen our opportunities as app builders.


Android programmers are one of the strongest parts of our team with many years of experience under the belt. They carefully prototype and create software for the huge range of the devices considering all the peculiarities of the screen sizes and resolutions. We are equally well in utilizing Eclipse and Android Studio IDEs using Java programming and all the JS libraries.

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile was recently upgraded to the universal platform for the whole device family which lets our developers well-versed in C++, C#, and Visual Basic to make software solution for this platform using Microsoft’s IDE, Visual Studio.

Cross-Platform Solutions

Our company also has experience of cross-platform development using one of the most advanced cross-platform framework Xamarin, as well as a hybrid app written with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 with the technology Cordova also known as PhoneGap.

Having a look at our project records, we should admit that whatever is a need of our customer, whatever methods he or she wants to be utilized, our company will find an in-house team which will be able to realize customer’s ideas.


For the time our mobile development company exists we have been honing to the perfection our delivery model making sure that it perfectly fits our customers’ expectations. But considering that every development case is a unique situation with particular needs and requirements, we have two different approaches to the development lifecycle. We attentively select the methods of the app creation considering customer’s vision of the project and the resources available.

Agile Methods

Agile methodology implies an iterative and flexible approach to the development model leaning on repetitious development cycles, Sprints. Every two-four weeks programmers in collaborative work with all the members of the team dedicated to the project deliver the agreed results. This system lets quickly go to the market preserving the quality, and at the same time, it allows changes integration throughout the development adjusting the software to the evolving needs. It is the best solution for those, who are not sure about the program they are expecting and have enough resources both money and time for this continuous process.

Traditional Model

Traditional development model relies on the Waterfall methodology creating coherent and consequential process. Such methods help to stay within the budget and timeframes but eliminate any capability to make changes during the development process. This approach is a perfect way to bring to life a clear and developed idea when a customer has a full list of specifications and knows for sure what are the desired results.


In spite of the fact that we work with computers mostly and at first glance, our services are focused on dealing with electronic devices, but in fact, our primary priority is people. Whether it is our in-house staff, or our customers and partners, or users for whom we create software solution, we always prioritize people creating comfortable facilities for developers, intuitive experience for users, and high-quality products for clients ensuring that they meet requirements. As a B2B company, we think business and build new opportunities for our customers moving their business to the next level and ensure a high return on investment.


Our mobile development company adheres to the list of values that distinguish our services from our competitors’. A department of experienced QA experts keeps an eye on the quality of our mobile software solutions. They start their work with analyzing and forecasting of the potential challenges that may occur in a particular development case. Together with a software engineer, they come up with the solutions that deal with these problems and as we start coding they conduct continuous testing of the app performance, security, usability and other aspects. We pay a lot of our attention to the quality assurance as it is one of our primary values. We keep strict to the timeframes and budget proving our professionalism. And finally, all our work is targeted to meet client’s requirements.

What Platform to Choose?

Every entrepreneur aims to embrace as many potential customers as possible reaching the maximum target audience. Mobile development lets to embrace a global audience if your company builds applications for all major operating systems including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. But not every business person can afford the development for all of them at once, sometimes it is necessary to start with only one of them and as the time passes and you gather the results expand to the others platforms. As far as the largest mobile market shares have iOS and Android platforms and the development costs for both of them are rather close, you should start with answering three questions:

What Is the App Purpose?

Mobile app development is a heavy investment that generates revenue if you prioritized it correctly. Answer the questions connected with the goal of the company’s mobile strategy: Do you want to increase sales? Or promote company’s brand? An android operating system as 80% share of the mobile market letting the company reach a higher number of people with one program. iOS users are considered to be the most willing to pay whether it is about installation price, or in-app purchases, or m-commerce.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

If your company targets the USA, Japan, or West European countries, you should consider iOS platform as it is more spread there, while Android dominate over Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Surveys also show that the household income in the U.S. doesn’t have such influence on the platform preferences, while in other markets, for instance, South America, annual income plays a huge role in the choice of the platform and mostly it is about smartphone and non-smartphone discussion. Before you make up your mind, think of the user base, the age group, geography, income.

How Fast You Want to Get to the Market?

Android and iOS got much more closely in the development process in the recent years, but there are still many factors that prolong Android development time. First of all, brand owners have a lot of flexibility in terms of hardware and implementations due to open source of the Android platform. Some of the brands use this ability to make changes in the OS making it difficult for programmers to build an application that will perform well on all the Android devices. An additional problem is a fragmentation with thousands of the devices, more than five widely-used OS versions, and all the diversity of screen sizes and resolutions. All these aspects complicate the development process requiring more time for additional adjustment and testing.

Nevertheless, our developers are equally competent in iOS and Android operating systems and ready to realize the most challenging projects on both of them, but as professionals, we recommend to start with iOS and expand to Android later.

How to Find a Mobile Development Company?

The search of the development company is a difficult process as far as it implies not only the search of the dedicated team of developers but also business partners who care about your business goals. First of all, give up the idea of the outsourcing oversea, because it can become even more expensive than hiring a reputable U.S. software company due to the poor quality, negotiation time, cultural gap, language barrier and other factors. It is good if you have acquaintances who have dealt with mobile app development and can advise you a development company, but if you don’t then pay attention to:
  • Company’s portfolio. Their design and the functionality they can intercorporate is reflected in their portfolio. If you are satisfied with what you see, there are higher chances that your company will be satisfied with what you will get. Besides, the portfolio can show the industries insight the development agency obtains. If your company specializes in medicine or finance, it will be a good solution to find the developers who have experience in these industry sectors.
  • Customers’ testimonials. A reputable company will have its portfolio on some review sites, such as Clutch, or at least will have clients’ reviews on their company website. It is useful to see the opinion of the real people and their feedback.
  • Company’s specialization. Pick a firm that specializes in your needs and take care of all aspects of the development process from analytics to launch. Don’t ask website builders to make a mobile app or vice versa.
  • Quality Assurance and Maintenance. Look for the app design agency that provides quality assurance and ongoing aftercare services, so that they deliver you a high-quality mobile solution and will always be available and accessible for you even after the deployment of the program.

Get in Touch to Find Out More

We are always here to answer your questions related to the mobile development, so don’t hesitate to talk to us. Whether your are interested in the development of your own mobile solution or want to find out more about the mobile ecosystem, let’s talk.