Windows Application Development

Create next-generation solutions with high-end Windows application development specialists.

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As one of the top software developers in the United States, our team offers the best application development services in the class. For more than eight years, we have provided state-of-the-art solutions for companies to maintain the latest Microsoft technologies. Get ready-to-use IT solutions for desktop products, networks and mobile devices from our IT organization with trained and qualified developers. Our team creates a compelling user experience by developing UIs that integrate resources and connection events. We will help you:

  • Manage networks and internet access
  • Create media-compatible applications
  • Access system APIs and services through programs

Be sure to prepare for a security-intensive scenario when it comes to data management and business operations.

  • iOS
  • android
  • win
  • Encoding

    Our team values ​​customer time to ensure accelerated growth without compromising the quality of our services. By using effective tools such as mission planners, we ensure that our team is focused on completing key issues, not routine day-to-day tasks. It monitors the system and decides whether or not to start a task based on our programmer's default default scheduler. The development team dominated XAML and C #, as well as C ++, Visual Basic and JavaScript. Which allowed us to build your product for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) in the latest version of the operating system, Windows 10. We realized the advantage that brings us and our customers and are immersed in the acquisition of this technology. We have now created an application code to ensure that it runs on all Windows 10-based devices. Programmers use the Visual Studio IDE to work. It provides UWP application models for each programming language and accesses all operating system resources and application services. We ensure that unique users have a wealth of features and intuitive navigation templates.

    UI Development

    Experienced designers spared no effort in designing and implementing the application's user interface. We are very familiar with Microsoft UX Guides, the official user experience interaction guide for a wide range of desktop operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. However, UI designers are also well acquainted with the design guidelines for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and how to correctly write UIs that translate smoothly and gracefully into all Windows 10 device families. Working with customers in the United States and around the world, we have learned to support a variety of international written languages ​​in Windows-based software products to make them available in the global marketplace.

    Quality assurance

    We are a Microsoft Certified Developer Group. All of our digital products have been tested to ensure a high quality experience on the Windows platform. We've examined our solution with Microsoft tools that improve the quality of debugging practices. Through diagnostics and testing, qualified developers can identify errors and monitor application performance levels. We simplify the development process with the Windows Driver Kit and the SDK by automating manual testing. Competent in Visual Studio and Debugger, QA experts can observe runtime behavior, trace and locate logic errors. We avoid version conflicts and help companies reduce their total cost of ownership for our customers, effectively safeguarding our IT products.

    UWP Application Development

    UWP apps are designed for Windows 10 and only a collection of APIs, application packages and a single store can access a variety of devices running this platform, starting with PCs and laptops to tablets, smartphones, Xbox and wearable devices.

    New operating systems and development methods simplify support for various screen sizes and a variety of interactive modes including touch screen operation, pen, mouse and keyboard, and game control. Powerful developers have learned and mastered the creation of mobile experiences across all Windows 10 devices. UWP's flexibility allows our developers to use their favorite programming languages, frameworks, and APIs, and developers can now use the same code to execute a large number of run such operating system hardware.

    Windows Application Development Features

    Windows 10 apps are written using a common API surface. The UWP Core API is the same for many types of desktop devices, allowing developers to target both desktop PCs and mixed-reality headphones at the same time. At the same time, by extending the SDK, programmers can bring the coolest thing for each device class through a dedicated API. The addition of specialized APIs allows us to leverage the capabilities of the device far beyond the core. We can package the application in the .AppX package, deploy the store application, and provide a trusted and proven installation mechanism to ensure continuous deployment and updating of the program. Although federation of all devices ensures that people can access apps from any Windows device. In addition, the responsive design 101 for UWP apps ensures that the design responds to layouts based on the number of pixels available on the device screen. Effective pixels also apply to all types of inputs, allowing application designers to customize the program on specific gadgets and their screens.

    Desktop Development

    With rich desktop development experience, IT staff can provide a first-class user experience and access the system services provided by Microsoft Inc.

    These services include:

    • Component object model. Microsoft technologies create binary software components and allow them to interact. With their best COM + versions, developers do not need to schedule many resource management tasks to make the program more scalable and protect data integrity;
    • Dynamic link library. Using Microsoft shared libraries reduces swap and memory and disk space, as long as you do not require the connection as a separate copy of the library code. They also make it easy to upgrade programs to DLLs and create multilingual programs;
    • Compression of files. It is accessible through the Compression API, which exposes Windows algorithms like MSZIP, XPRESS and more. Thus, programmers can manage versions and services;
    • Windows Desktop Sharing. Screen sharing Multi-party technologies include real-time collaboration, remote assistance, video communications, and conferencing.
    • Access to these and many other system services and APIs allows our developers to take advantage of existing platform and hardware capabilities.
    Mobile software

    Our experience of developing custom apps in Windows guarantees an excellent user experience and excellent features.

    With Windows application development projects, you can provide users with relevant information in real time in a timely manner, be it your customers or employees. Investing in mobile devices is a great opportunity to keep people focused and allow employees to work remotely and on the go, more efficiently. A mobile app should be involved and help keep you ahead of the user's life. Professional development teams have ideas on how to take advantage of Microsoft technologies and encourage customers to encourage them to be loyal to their applications.

    • Based on the main design and its real-time collage and lock screen, the application shows only relevant information in summary.
    • Although the ability to embed push notification presents a sudden alert that catches the eye and alerts the application.
    • Specialized programmers are familiar with background execution and triggers, making apps ready to start quickly when users need it.
    • The development team can also make your program use IoT technologies such as Bluetooth LE and voice devices to interact with the world.
    • Cortana, innovative dial and digital ink will help us emphasize the personality of your software solution.
    • Thanks to XAML, programmers can ensure that the animation inside the UI is smooth.


    We'll help you build the direct monetization strategy based on your audience, the type of application, and the ROI you expect. You get a wide range of monetization options available on tablets, smartphones, PCs, and other devices. Our application development company has a wealth of experience, providing revenue-oriented apps that often have the direct monetization strategy. In addition, our development team will not allow your app to miss out on the Opponent's weekly competition. We pay special attention to ease of use, performance, usability, security and other aspects of users' digital products. We want to introduce you ways to make your app a new source of revenue:

    Download Feet

    In-app Advertising

    In-app purchase

    The easiest way to monetize your app is to set the download price, but you can not guarantee a high ROI. This practice may even have the opposite effect. Paid apps are not free to download, but must be purchased from the Windows store. Paid apps should recognize themselves as something completely new and unique, and give users unparalleled features that set them apart from similar free apps. To ensure the cost of downloading the program, you will have to invest heavily in mobile marketing and persuade users to pay for your digital product.

    Do not try to set app purchase costs. If users are not sure whether they need these programs, users are unlikely to pay, and they would do the same if they had done so before. The most common way to start making money from this program is to implement in-app ads with services like AdMob, Millennial Media, Adfonic, and more. This strategy allows users to download apps for free, but still collect revenue. It also collects information about users and groups of users to sell these data-driven ad slots to application publishers to ensure targeted ads.

    There is also an option for multiple in-app purchases, which can be either virtual or physical items, signatures, deadlocks, and advanced features. Selling these in-app items will help you get the company's profits. At the same time, it's a great way to lower the price because it allows people to at least try, verify their capabilities and make decisions based on what it takes to buy premium content and features. This business model is called freemium. With the free app in the Windows Store, you can convert it into a new sales channel or earn revenue for users who want to unlock additional features or content. This will help you increase discovery and convert loyal customers.